A Revolutionary Distraction…التشتيت الثوري

While I have tremendously enjoyed attending protests and talking with Egyptians about all aspects of their political revolution, the revolution is beginning to eat up far too much of my time. Constantly refreshing Twitter feeds has begun to impinge on my ability to get a good night’s sleep and writing multiple long blog posts is taking the place of actually studying the Arabic language.

Thus today, in lei of another lengthy post I would like to introduce you all to a link dump. For my family who may not be familiar with this concept, instead of writing an 700 word post, I will write brief summaries of the important Egyptian news stories and link these summaries to larger articles. (Links are in red).

1. Those protesting (waging a sit-in) in Tahrir release a statement of seven demands they hope to rectify via there sit in. The seventh is the most important.
2. Background on the failure of the revolution to achieve substantive democratic reform to date.
3. The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces finally releases the rules governing Septembers elections. Definitions: First past the post and party-list proportional system.
4. The Supreme Council of the Army forces ways the possibility of delaying elections that are scheduled for September but have yet to be organized or witnessed the beginnings of political campaigns.

For those wanting even form information check out the blog roll – especially Arabist’s new podcast and Hossam El-Hamalawy.


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