Egypt News: July 10, 2011: أخبار مصر ١٠ يوايو ٢٠١١

1. Those gathered in Tahrir have modified their demands in response to Prime Minister Essam El-Sharif’s speech.
2. One of these demands is the formation of a civil presidential council to replace SCAF as the overseer of the transitional period.
3. Hunger strikes have started in Port Said,
4. Army disperses the sit-in blocking the Sokhna Ring Road and preventing workers from reaching the Suez Canal. In a potential dangerous escalation, protestors in Suez have threatened to block the Suez Canal.
5. Calls for a “million man march” on Tuesday. (Although this past Friday was supposed a million man protest and the numbers remained in the low hundreds of thousands).
6. To comprehend the political tension between SCAF and the protesters, it is first necessary to understand the size of the Egyptian military complex and the disastrous effect it has on the development of the Egyptian economy.


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