SCAF Has Been Busy…كان المجلس العسكري مشغولا

The first round of parliamentary elections is scheduled in less than a month’s time. Salafis marched to Tahrir Square – albeit in rather small numbers – demanding that the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces turn over presidential power to an elected president no later than the beginning of April (instead the promise to complete the political transition by the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013). Liberal and leftist activists have returned to the streets – in small numbers than the Salafists – to protest the increasing censorship of the media, military tribunals, and the incarceration of a prominent blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah. Furthermore, results of the government investigation of the Maspero incident – another round of SCAF’s misinformation (propaganda) campaign – are scheduled to be released on the morrow.

Naturally, in light of these troubled yet busy times and nearly eight months worth of their (mis)management, SCAF needed to take a break from trying activists in front of military trials, blaming invisible foreign hands for all of Egypt’s domestic problems, and decrying all protests and strikes for threatening national unity. Moreover thanks to the flight of foreign investment, dwindling foreign currency reserves, and an eighty percent decrease in the number of tourists, the Egyptian economy can afford to waste funds on useless public projects. As such, SCAF is proud to announce the raising of the world’s highest flag. Measuring 12 by 15 meters and flying at a height of 176 meters (14 meters higher than that of Azerbaijan), the flag has hoisted next to the dirt field where I play ultimate frisbee twice a week while patriotic poetry was recited and the national anthem was sung.

The world's highest flag (Photo Credit: Amr Nabl/AP)

Take that Azerbaijan (and the rest of the invisible foreign hands)!!


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