Link Dump

Burning the midnight oil last night while seeking to soothe my cravings for a return to Egypt by flipping through my GoogleReader, I stumbled over a great collection of links. I figured I post them here rather than on my Facebook wall as the latter is already covered with links and I am in danger of appearing to be a news addict.

Fearing political marginalization in a transition process dictated by the Muslim Brotherhood and the military, liberal protestors have elected to ‘celebrate’ the January 25th Revolution with a protests. Their video announcement is a creative piece of digital media:

Meanwhile, the Muslim Brotherhood has continued is pragmatic deliberation and backed down from a confrontation with the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces over the formation of a new government and cabinet prior to presidential elections in June. While I remain rather clueless as to the true ideology and political goals of the Muslim Brotherhood, Nathan Brown not only has researched the organization for years but also has sustained a dialogue with its leadership since the January 25 Revolution. His lengthy but has excellent piece that is really worth a read and states that the pragmatic and calculating Brotherhood continues seeks to continue its policy of “participation not domination” in the short-term mobilizing when core long-term interests (the constitution) are threatened.

In the arts, the passing of a year since the January 25 revolution has allowed digital art to begin to process this monumental event. Noise of Cairo is the first of many documentaries I expect to discover (and hope to see.) Its trailer is below:

Lastly, for those interested in the Cairo’s art/architecture scene, Cairo Observer is an excellent blog that I have added to the side bar.


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