The Future of Egyptian Liberals…مستقبل المصريين اللبراليين

An op-ed I wrote on the future of Egyptian liberal protestors and politicians was picked up by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy’s Fikra Forum. To put it in brief, they are in danger of becoming marginalized as the transition process unfolds this spring. For those desire a more verbose version the op-ed is below:

Undeterred by their electoral failure and fearing their imminent marginalization in political institutions, liberal protestors marked the one-year anniversary of the revolution by demonstrating in Tahrir Square against the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and its manipulation of the transition process. Yet while the liberals’ continued popular protest signals their unwillingness to passively accede to the status quo, the combination of a fractured society, durable Muslim Brotherhood-military alliance and imminent economic collapse requires that liberals revaluate their tactics. Keep Reading


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