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It’s Good to Be Back…قد رجعت سعيدا

Having yet to pay the electricity, internet or water bills since arriving in Cairo, I nervously returned to my apartment a week and a half ago to discover that not only were all the utilities in fine order but there was enough water pressure to take a four minute shower. The Haram-adan Turkey tour finished up in fine fashion with… Keep Reading


Greetings and Salutations from Turkey تحايا من تركية

Much has happened in the last week or so. SCAF violently repressed the remaining protestors in Tahrir Square and replaced them with armored personal carriers and Central Security Forces. Husani Mubarak appeared in court on August 3 on a hospital bed (his trial has since be postponed until August 15, 2011. And, I continued to wander around Turkey. (I’m currently in Doğubeyazıt.) Keep Reading

I’m on Vacation…انا في الإجازة

It has been a while since my last post and for that I apologize. Classes have ended and Ramadan has begun. Most of the protestors have left Tahrir (despite SCAF’s failure to meet there demands) and I’ve left Egypt

Some friends and I are wandering around the Turkish countryside for the month of August. We are currently meandering our way down the Aegean Coast towards Ephesus. Beach days have been interspersed with touring the Gallipoli battlefield, wandering the alleyways of Ayvalik’s Greek neighborhoods, and marveling the ruins of Pergamon. Keep Reading